Dolce's Organic Mulch Video

Work Type: Video Production & Animation

Dolce's Tree Service is an excellent tree service provider in Ohio.

A natural by-product of their tree removal service is rich organic material. They turn this material into rich organic mulch. 

Dolce's wanted to educate the public about the benefits of organic mulch and the truth about other types of mulch.  

We accomplished this through a video shown on Facebook Facebook.

How I Served THEM:

  • Created a short video that educated people about the many benefits of organic mulch.  
  • Created Facebook ad using the video that was shown in their service area.
  • Used advanced Facebook advertising techniques that showed a follow-up ad to viewers of the organic mulch video.

Other Service To This Client

I strive to develop great working relationships with my clients & learn their business inside and out.
As a result I often help them with other aspects of their marketing.

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